Beto Rodriguez

Hello everyone!

This is my new face, my new digital character… 50 years old. I want to share, excite and move young people interested in technology to build an online business.
Humberto Rodriguez

Welcome to My Blog. Give me a few minutes, and I’ll start writing for you! Ok?

I remember when I took this picture. It feels like yesterday. I just moved from CDMX to San Diego.

Starting a blog is not easy; it needs commitment, and I think now is the moment to share everything I know about web business development through this blog and a membership. Recently, I realized that I have a lot of content, pictures of my journey to get where I am, and to motivate young people dreaming of this lifestyle.

After all, I can tell you that it is possible and hard to accomplish, but after a while, you can notice progress, you get excited, and in the blink of an eye, it is like magic.

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It is a fantastic moment to be alive.

I remember when I took this picture. I was excited about the future at that moment, trying to forget everything that happened in Mexico in the final steps to cure my depression; no one knew, no one needed to know at that moment, about everything else, now… I don’t give a f@$%&!; I want to be happy and do what I love, to see my family happy, and to help anyone passionate about web business development. This is the reason why I re-started my Digital Agency in San Diego.

Don’t waste your time

Join me on this journey to build your digital empire.

I appreciate your interest.

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